Four Factors of Betting Success

There are four factors that all bettors have we have listed them below in reverse
order of importance.

4. Winning Selections – Yes that’s right the least important factor in betting success
is a source of winning selections!

I know many of you reading this won’t believe this and maybe this is where you’ll
stop reading.

But I promise you it’s true and I hope that by the end of the 7 days you will realise
this fact.

Your selections, ideally, need to be selections you have found yourself or from a semi exclusive source.

It’s a fact that free selections that everybody has access to offer no value at all.

The only use for free selections or free ratings is if you are adding some value in
some way or using them in a way that the majority are not.

You have to pay for your selections to be successful.

You can pay with time or money or a combination of both.

We will share 4 winning strategies with you over the coming days.

Not crap you’ve seen before. Real winning strategies that are the result of
detailed research.

3. Money Management
– Boring but true and so important. Proper management
of your stakes and your betting bank can be the difference between success
and failure.

2. Mindset – Again boring maybe but honestly good mindset and money
management skills are more important than selections. We will deal with these two
tomorrow before we get to the winning strategies.

1. The number one success factor is the key to everything. Get this right along
with 2 & 3 and 1 matters even less.

In fact there are successful bettors who don’t care what they bet on as long as they
get this aspect right.

This is for those readers who are truly committed to their success and will be wasted
on those who are not. (Those readers will discount it anyway and not realise the

For that reason I’m going to save it and share it on day 8 with the few who make it
through to the end of this series of emails.

Think about the success factors listed above and you measure up for each.

Here are his rules for betting success

  • Never bet drunk (or under the weather in any way)
  • Have a separate betting bank in a separate account
  • Bet a percentage of bank depending on strength of bet
  • Never bet more than 10% of bank on any one bet
  • Don’t chase losses
  • Don’t let strange results effect judgement
  • Long losing runs – Don’t get desperate for a win or scared
  • Long winning runs – Don’t get cocky & think you’re invincible
  • Record every bet with a reason for placing it
  • Don’t be swayed by so called experts
  • A bet might look like a certainty but it isn’t, there are no certainties
  • Work with systems but be flexible
  • Don’t bet on emotion or on personal favourites. Do look for situations where others are being emotional.
  • Only bet when you think you have an edge
  • Enjoy your betting!

Having a set of rules like this may seem a bit strict and tedious.

Whether you need to do something similar depends a lot on your personality
and character.
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